And now for something completely different......


This is fairly decent.



Just saw this. Looking forward to it coming out this fall. Such a serious movie for Jackie Chan. He seems to be very capable in a serious role…


How interesting. A family member just a day or so ago was wondering what had happened to Jackie Chan. They caught a glimpse of him in one of comedies while channel surfing. I can give an update.

I’m interested in seeing him in a serious role. I think he can pull it off.


The guy can do anything, and he’s already done most of it. Huge respect from me.



Probably going to hell for this one. Rolled on the floor with the first comment…

She is Asian, so she must know karate. Therefore she is a black belt.







That was awesome!


The whistling was awesome…More of the same guy.
It won’t show up here for some reason. Did elsewhere.


Stick with her throughout the entire vid. It’s worth it.


She sounds like that Blue colored singer on the movie The fifth Element.


Yes, it’s the same opera.

The difference being that the singer in The Fifth Element, opera singer Inva Mula, did not sing all the notes because the piece was written specifically by the composer to be “unsingable” by humans (in order to make the blue diva, Plavalaguna, played by actress Maïwenn Besco) sound alien. The “unsingable” notes were created electronically.

Jane Zhang, on the other hand, has a voice that can reach (and does reach) each and every note.

The Fifth Element Diva Song Was Literally Impossible to Sing Until Now

Maïwenn Besco:


That was stunning.


Hilarious…read some of the comments too…LOL



There’s a few people I’d like to gift that little bastard to :smiley:


Ah, bless the internet!

From the comments section:

2 days ago
Vivien Someya: What a stupid woman.

13 hours ago
Sczoo: Vivien. You do realize that you are going through life with a misspelled name, right? Who’s the stupid one?

Our social progress is being measured by people’s inability to STICK TO THE FUKKEN SUBJECT! Asshole roosters, people! Asshole roosters!!!



This is cool…