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I’d hit it hard and continuously, until my heart stopped, <3

Not me…big time Technicolor.

Dude, you made me look it up.
George special ordered a Gibson in 1958, an L-5 with Venetian cutaway and a thin body…like the Byrdland they had done for Byrd and Garland, but with the longer 25.4 inch scale. George needed the thin body because his arms were short. He ordered it with a solid burgundy finish.

Gibson liked it so much they made an endorsement deal with him and soon cataloged it as L-5 CT George Gobel Model. It had the shorter 24.75" scale and was cherry red (which they were already using on ES-335s and Les Pauls in a sunburst, but not solid cherry until maybe 59 or 60. In all, they only sold between 45-60 Gobel models, making them rare as hell…and a good specimen now will bring in the $25K-30K range.

By 1962 they were offering burgundy red and pelham blue as special order finishes on most electrics…but I’m pretty sure those colors were not offered in the 1961 catalog since I slept with it under my fukkin pillow for a long time.

So you may be onto something.


Right now a live video feed of an eagle with camera flying around…Ok, its probably a loop. Same pattern is repeating. Still pretty cool.


This would really be cool.


My dad is going to love this when I show him.


The following pics appear to be innocent enough at first glance but in reality they are studies in death. The pics are part of a series of dollhouses created by Francis Gesslner Lee known as “Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death”. In a time when Forensic Science was almost nonexistent, Lee would study crime scenes and autopsies and then attempt to recreate the crime in miniature. The result would be a rather macabre dollhouse scene.






Definitely different. Good post. I had to look her up and there are a lot more.


Those are pieces of very creepy art.


If you look at the pix long enough, the dolls twitch.

I dare you.


I like them.

I think if I were ever to get into building a dollhouse, (which is never going to happen). I would do something odd like this just to make it interesting.


Interesting little problem.
Last couple of weeks my son and I have had issues with our remote key fobs for our trucks. Can’t lock or remote start. Can only unlock when I am right next to the door. He has a 2016 Dodge and I have a 2015 Dodge. Happened here at home. But when we went anywhere else everything worked fine. Finally used the correct search terms and found “key fob jammers” for sale. They can block a drone remote as well as remote key fobs. Now that I think about it the next door neighbor just moved in…hmmmm…

$300.00 - $9,900.00


What would be the neighbor’s reason for spending even ten bucks to jam your key fobs?


I’m thinking he is worried about drones. No other reason I can think of. Never had an issue with drones that I am aware of. Besides no telling who may be paranoid about what…


They seem suspicious. Those people make for good neighbourhood watch types.


But when they interfere with others by using something like a jammer that is not right. Auto thieves use them as well. If we lose power during the storm it will be interesting to see if things start to work again.


I think I’d be wanting to ask them.


I do want to ask. If I find out who it is I will ask.


Sure, blame the new guy, isn’t that always the way?

Actually it could be any one of your neighbors who just happened to buy a new toy.

OR…it could just be your wife fucken with you…:thinking::laughing:

But seriously, something is wrong…if it was just one key fob I would suspect a crappy battery but 2, is definitely deliberate interference of some kind.


I have been talking to a few neighbors and they are having the same issues with their remotes. I can understand wanting to block drones but if it interferes with others property then they need to get everyone’s permission first. These things can jam up to 1000 meters away if they have one powerful enough.

Went to a neighborhood news facebook page and posted about it. Asking if any HAM radio operators would like to try to find it. They should have the equipment to narrow down where it is located. I know my dad could have done it since he had the equipment to do it when he was alive. Going to start asking on other social media as well.


You guys have a neighbourhood news facebook page?! :astonished: