And now for something completely different......


I think they are actually pretty common. We have one here too. It’s how I got roped into running the neighbourhood garage sale at the end of September.


Yes sir we do. We also have a neighborhood “next door” website that a lot of areas use. I have had responses from neighbors saying they are having the same issues and they are glad to know about the jammers. I bitch about social media and yet I see a use for it as well…LOL




Oh you poor woman! I did a community one as a fundraiser once. Filled a school gym of donated stuff and pulled in over $3K by selling purely donated items. I’d never do it again in a million years because it was SO much work but it was awesome fun.


My sister had one when she lived in a townhouse complex in PoMo and now uses a mommy group in her new location as neighbourhood news.


I’ve run these things before. It is a lot of work but it’s okay. The only thing I worry about is fitting it in my schedule.

Funny thing is I don’t have that much to sell…but my parents do. They are downsizing for the big retirement move to North Carolina next year.


Selling their stuff should be fun :slight_smile:


They got a lot of shit to get rid of…over 40 years worth. :drooling_face: I don’t think one garage sale will even come close to cutting it. My dad has more crap than you can imagine…It makes my head spin how one person can collect so much shit. A lot of it is really good shit too so for him, dumping it is going to be hard.


Maybe he can give it away to friends and acquaintances, neighbors he values.


My step sister started a mommy group. It now has something like 10,000 members. I don’t get it.

I suppose I could start a neighbourhood facebook page, but since half the houses around me are empty, I’d probably end up being the only member. :frowning_face:


Whether my dad knows it or not, a lot of the stuff is going to be mine…:grin: My sister has no clue what half of it is and if my dumbass brother gets his grubby mitts on it, he’ll just sell it.

There is a restored 1962 Pontiac Grand Prix in the garage and one day, I’m just going to drive away with it…:grin:…I’ll leave the Harleys and the pos 1967 cougar for my idiot brother. He’ll just fuck them up anyway.


Nice! want an old timey rumbly pick up truck, from the 40’s would be ideal. But 50’s & 60’s would be ok too.


I would too…I would love one of those old boats to drive around in. Even the 2 doors were long. That would be stylin for sure…


Land yachts!


It is very long and flat. It’s a long, black, flat monster with a white interior…It has one of those 1960s long linear speedometers it even has the factory optional racing gauges on the floor just in front of the gear shift. It’s pretty much all stock except the wheels, the sound system and the trans. The original factory trans on that year grand prix was a dog. Now you can really smoke the tires with that thing if you want to.

That fucken car has me all over it.




And now you’re thinking about getting it this weekend…LOLOL


Good choice, the 62 Poncho! Big ole 389 under a QuadraJet carb…sadly, the first year for that disappointing 3rd generation hydramatic, but your local speed shop can solve that problem if ya bring yer checkbook. More power than you’ll ever be able to apply to the road…BIG fun.