And now for something completely different......


That’s awesome!


They definitely have skills…
With the right lighting that could be a helluva show.


Well ok then…


Holy shit! That’s a long standing theft racket. Wow!

That amounts to stealing $365 a DAY in food.


Had him a nice little racket going. LOL


Where do you put $1.2 million of fajitas?


In peoples stomachs. LOL
He was making a tasty $133,000.00 a year on top of his salary.


The article said - in his freezer Haha. And he sold a whole bunch.


Big freezer.


Off hand I would say don’t watch this. It’s not that it is all that gross it’s just the idea of a leech…Otherwise watch at your own risk…


Are frozen fajitas any good?

I keep thinking it must be like a convenience store burrito…ghaaaa :face_vomiting:


I don’t need for anyone to give me a million dollars. I just need a million people to each give me ONE dollar.


Now that’s the trick.


That’s what Go Fund Me is for. :smiley:


They weren’t bad when McDonald’s here had them. They were 200 calories each and no shit in them.


Da fuck???..:rofl:


My people are from South Texas where fajitas originally hail from. They should never be eaten frozen in my opinion.

It’s skirt steak, marinated and bbq’d on the grill with onions and peppers (bell or spicy). That’s the original fajita.


Isn’t fajita the diminutive for something like fija, meaning a strip (like a slice of something)?


You cut the skirt steak into narrow strips so pieces fit better in a tortilla.


Yeah, I was thinking of the word origin.