And now for something completely different......


Houston will get that much snow someday…when Yellowstone erupts and the new ice age is upon us…until then we have this. LOL


Seriously, They closed the schools for a tiny bit of snow? thats crazy!!

Were you all scared? did you start stocking up on water and provisions? break out the batteries and candles?



Last night they were showing school closures but this morning they are just saying there will be delay’s but we will have school. You have to remember that while it’s not serious snowfall, in an area that never has snow we don’t have near the infrastructure/equipment to make all the roadways safe. They are working on them but Houston is a huge city. Greater Houston area is one of the largest in the country.


They closed Vancouver schools for that much snow the first year I was in post secondary down there. No plows.

I hope the folks in Houston have been able to enjoy the white stuff. I bet it was quite the night/morning for everyone.


It was. Kids were up at 5 or earlier making snowmen and snow angels. Lots of excitement from everyone. Daughter in law took pictures of down town roofs or at least the ones she could from her building. Saw one rooftop parking area that someone had done doughnuts etc in the empty parking area. Crazy for sure, I would have been worried about slamming into the wall and going over the edge. Things just got off to a late start today. Pretty much melted now with only little patches of slush left.


I know it’s weird, but I love hearing about people playing in it when they are new to snow. It’s beautiful and fun but also a pain in the arse for transportation.


Kiebs, with all that accumulation of snow was there any flooding??



LOL…not hardly



WOAH! That’s cooool! (Is my bumpkin showing? haha)



It’s a great idea!

You guys do road works, highways…road everything really… so well.


I watched a couple more clips of that particular machine. It’s actually a Dutch machine. The Dutch pride themselves on being even better engineers than the Germans. I’ve seen other clips of giant special purpose Dutch machines…will look for some.


I’ve actually crossed the GG bridge while they were operating it.


I’ve heard the winds on the bridge are brutal and you can’t cross with small cars if it’s windy. Any truth to that.


Well, you can cross, but it can be very scary.


Is it scary in a normal car or just the little ones? Are the wind still usually strong or just in certain weather?


I think it can be scary big or small. Of course, if the car doesn’t weigh much at all, it’s got to be terrifying.