Honestly, it’s the car behind this one that worries me more.




Who’s driving it?


It’s a parking lot.


Well, then, not even cars with dogs at the wheel can go vrooooommmm in a parking lot, eh!




Vrroooommmm is what the dog is thinking but not what the car is doing.


He was probably wondering how long Miss Daisy was going to in the shoppers for.


Right? Everyone knows that!


Click it, to make big it.


That’s a tough one hahaha


I warn you, Zeek: transgender people are impervious to mansplaining… we are also impervious to womansplaining.

It’s one of the perks of not residing at either end of the gender spectrum.



Peoplesplaining? You’re still people, n’est pas?



I’ve been made.

Women with brains do me in every time.

(Men with brains, on the other hand, are too busy figuring out how to annihilate one another.)


Nope, those are men that don’t have a good relationship with their dick.


Impromptu French lesson:

N’est pas?” is an incomplete verb phrase… its English equivalent would be “is not?” where what is meant is “Is it not?” (or, more appropriately), “Is this not the case?”… hence, in French, one would say, “N’est-ce pas?” (pronounced NESS-PAH)


Damn it, I had it in there, and then I thought I was wrong.

50 years old and I still don’t trust my damn gut when it tells me what’s what!

Thank you!


Or, perhaps, too good of a relationship with their dick.

Q: How many megatons is a 10" penis?
A: I don’t know, but that’s a ton a smeg.


hahaha, eww, hahahahaha eww

I think if a man has got things worked out with his dick he doesn’t have to go about swinging it at everything.

Perhaps I’m wrong.