Canada sucking trump dick


Approving of yer missile strikes


We’re sorry


I wish Trudeau would have just kept his mouth shut.


It would have been so easy

Just do what Obama would have done

smiled and go play golf


You’re either for the gassing of citizens, or against it.

Pick a side.



Fuck you retard - Assad did this as much as you or I did

he did not do it



You got facts to support this?


We are the fucking terrorists

I got history to support that

go fucking deny it


I’m waiting for your sources cited saying Assad didn’t launch chemical weapons.


Are you so inane to think for 1 second that the pentagon or trump gives a rats fucking ass about kids being gassed

for fuck sake they try to deny healthcare to kids here


I will wait for you to prove they did


We only attacked because two weeks ago, we were getting out of Syria.

Then there was the gas attack and his quick warning that he’d attack. So, he drew his own red line.

He attacks after he got Mattis and the others to figure out what to do.

Only reason was his fucking huge ass mouth.

I don’t know who launched the attack. It could be Mossad, could even be the terrorists, and yeah it could be Syria.



You’re an idiot if you think riot control is on par with CHEMICAL WEAPONS.

So you just posting a dumbass meme or do you actually think riot control = military grade chemical weapons?


Settle down kid, take a deep breath. Did you enjoy taking off your gas mask that day in boot?




Cleaned the sinuses, and it’s hardly in comparison to real chems.


I dont believe i made any direct comparison.


Think, Boro. What does Assad gain with a gas attack? He was about to walk off with a win.