Canada sucking trump dick


Well, maybe the Syrian Attorney General was about to charge Assad with getting a blow job out of wedlock.


Dats a hell of a stretch theR


Perhaps he’s an idiot? Rogue General? idk


Why is the UK and France in on it?


A pipeline not controlled by Iran or Russia.



They’re still investigating if/how it happened. But I guess the idea of it happening is enough for Trump to wave his pencil dick around and bomb some brown people.


And you’d know a lot about idiots, being one and all.


Takes one to know one.


Okay…now whose dad can beat up the other?



Can you link to where sarin was used within the US?

Also… we can blame the dems for Flint.

literally. lol


So it’s only poison if it’s sarin?


Tear gas doesn’t leave any permanent damage.


How about lead poisoning?


Well if the libs would fix the pipes…


When pitting your country against other countries, no one gives a fuck which political side is responsible. Just saying.


Libs in Michigan have had decades to fix it.

:thinking: but they refuse to


The problem wasn’t identified until like 2015 when they switched the water over to the Flint river as a water source and weren’t using an anti-corrosive in the water.

It’s not uncommon to see lead issues when changing water sources and having old pipes BTW. I’ve seen it happen in my own town.

So much for “decades” eh slappy?


We use gas on our own people, maybe not anything lethal, but its gas and its very unpleasant also the bullets our cops use are often lethal, so we have that going for us, which is nice.