Don't pass it up Star



WTF will I do with that junk?


I emailed and told him it was worth zero and he got pissed - called me names

so then I reconsidered and sent another email saying it was less then zero because the scrappers would give him a buck but he would prolly burn more in gas dropping it off


Use another email and ask him if it has enough weight to hold yer fishing boat in place over on the river.


Next email the other six comes out

fair condition he sed

I would tell him get a fucking seeing eye dog and get that fucking abomination off CL

I was nice in the first one and pointed out he could search cl for singer sewing and he fucking calls me names

I have had some folks actually thank me


Well, then, thank you for your service!


Nah, just ask him when the last time he had his Johnson Rod lubed.


He lives up in fucking deliverance land where I used to live

Actually it made deliverance look sane


I always thought that was Washington.


The land isn’t the problem.


I get in my friends 51 Ford and the back seat is bloody and the roof liner is dirty

Oh yeah,

she had dirty feet sez he

well, she was 13




exactly - true story


I want to ask how old your friend was, but then I don’t want to know how old your friend was at the time.


Even I could not make that up

Don’t blame him - I sed this was deliverance and it was not against her will.

He should have known better - but like I sed - deliverance

Just the way it was

I knew the girl - she was a friend of the girl I was seeing at the time


How old were you?!?


34, but very young looking for his age.


I was 19 the girl was 17

Maryann - Cookie - she was a sweetheart

She left me for another

She even introduced me to him - how about that for class for Deliverance

I called when I got out of the Army and her Father tells me she married and has 3 kids


Awwww :frowning:


First cut is the deepest and sich