Funny Cuz It's True



I’m sorry but I don’t get it (???)


Rand Paul’s neighbor beat him up over the weekend broke his ribs.




My son at dinner tonight:

“My teacher shakes our hand every day to be reminded that we’re human. And every day I tell her, ‘You’re hired!’”



Neil Armstrong backwards reads “Gnorts Mr. Alien”.




Who do you pic for Dumbass of the Week.
This is from a local classic rock radio station.


I find new inspiration almost daily on FB.


I find women obsessed with their own alcoholism that they down play with wine memes.


I have NEVER posted a Wine meme! (j/k font)


Wait…what was that?


Guess it’s a good thing it said gun instead of firearm…





A couple walked up to me while I was working at a local government center building. They were sort of grungey/hippish looking. They ask, so very sweetly, if myself or the guy I was working with, to register as an officiant and marry them. Apparently, it’s legal in CA.

I was sort of flummoxed. I didn’t want to marry anyone, as a divorced person, I figure bad juju. Second, I was sort of working at the time.

The guy I was working with didn’t seem to know what to say. So, I had quick realization. I told them downstairs was a Wedding Chapel where people are marrying at any given time, maybe they’d find someone that could help them out there.

So, it’s not rofl laughing funny, more like “what an interesting thing to be presented with during lunch on an average Tuesday” kind of funny.

Only on the Left Coast…


No kidding. Here we have to have a civil official (magistrate, justice of the peace, etc.) or a licensed clergy person.

I happen to be an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church but have never paid the state for a license, since I didn’t get the ordination for that purpose. Thus I cannot legally officiate at a wedding.


I come home after being out all day and this is the conversation I have with my husband:

Husband: You don’t have to worry about us coming from apes because white people descended from polar bears.

Me: What the fuck is wrong with you?!

Then we laughed and laughed.


I have a friend that is in the early stage of remission from breast cancer. I asked her how she’s feeling in text this evening. Told me that she’s getting stronger, she can feel it. Only problem is that the neuropathy she developed during treatment just isn’t going away.

Then she says: Still ahead of Jim though. (Jim is ex-husband that died unexpectedly.about 6 months ago)

Me: By 6ft any day of the week,



Her: gif with virtual hug, I needed to laugh

Me: Awww :heart:


I think Zeek is moonlighting as Calvin’s dad:


Ice Floats

Abstract Reasoning



Bridge Load


Solar Wind

College Try

Color Pictures