Funny Cuz It's True


Which part of your anatomy was it?


We have our methods of making Kiebers talk.

What’s the cost of a pitcher of margarita’s anyway?


In your country, about a 3rd of the price it would be here haha



Tequila must have exorbitant import fees.


Kiebers? Keep calm and chili on!


All liquor here is taxed to the ta-tas.


Just like pot will be, come July 1st.


Tequila??? Did someone say Tequila???



Ha ha. Too funny, Keebs… I was just going through my Photobucket pix to find the image under discussion when I noticed that many of my stored pix–all of them general, non-sexual content–were removed because they offended someone somewhere, including–and this is the funny part–the image of the god Saturn devouring his children. Yep, the very same image you used as an avatar elsewhere on the internet.

Too funny.


Damn. A trip down memory lane… I just found a pic of my bookshelves back when I lived in Montreal. I miss dem books.


That’s a bunch of crap. Sucks when you lose those kinds of things. Imgur recently had a data breach and I thought I lost over 1000 pics. Some would not really matter but others it would have pissed me off. Fortunately all was recovered.
Strange about the Cronus avatar disappearing.
. cronus



No, not that one, Keebs. Your original choice–the Goya Saturn.

Someone reported it to Photobucket as offensive so it was deleted from my library.

edit: Come to think of it, I’m not even sure how this report could’ve come to pass as every single one of my Photobucket albums are private. This had to be an inside job. Someone at Photobucket was offended.

They’re idiots.


I recall a time when I had maybe four photobucket accounts. This was back when new PB exploits were constantly being invented by PI mining trolls, so I had to keep sensitive material separate.

It’s been four or five years since I’ve used one, though. The evolution of forums permitting direct image uploads instead of third party hosting has made PB mostly unnecessary. EDIT TO ADD: Imgur has worked better when I did need to host something for forum use.

My image libraries, although not perfectly organized, are now hosted in a freestanding “hard” drive that is only plugged in to my comp when I need something from it.


And if you’re running AnyDesk on it and any other comp, you can get to those files even you’re away.


Quote from my family from 2012:

Husband to Son: "If you keep up the griping, I’m going to call you Archie Bunker."
Son: “Dad! Don’t ruin my childhood!”


Waiting for another family mtg on cancer situation and I’m super anxious.

Son makes me a cup of tea from an assortment. I look at the tea I think is chamomille. I say “what the hell is Cal Ming herbal tea”, then apparently the brain reactivated and I start giggling, then laughing, then shouting in laughter at myself.


I once repeatedly visited my work’s website via which edits a copy of website content to be sexually dirty. Unfortunately, Pornalizer then became a referring website which I had to explain to my bosses during our monthly web meeting.

I didn’t keep a straight face.


The first entry this week will most likely be the button pusher in Hawaii…LOL