Funny Cuz It's True


I liked the school board one best, but I suspect it may have been a candidate for a more flattering award.

And yer prolly right about the button pusher.


Much work goes into the planting and harvest and shipping etc or tea and coffee - and then it gets ruined


Last weeks poll…spiders need to burn baby burn…LOLOLOL


That spider thing? I dimly recall a story from last year where a couple of guys tried to barbecue a coon on their balcony in a condo building (third floor) and burned the whole damn thing to the ground.


High on Viagra? Is that a thing?


I was wondering about that as well. Perhaps a new way to get a buzz…LOL

I guess it’s kinda like what George Carling says…“Whatever you smoke, drop, shoot, snort, rub into your belly or whatever”…

I’m guessing this is the guy???




Found this today at the store:


Had a telemarketing call today. I said hello and a recording said goodbye. I’m like WTF??? I called it back and it was a pharmacy supply that thought it was a strange as I did…Then she called me “honey”…LOL


I have this habit of texting the last person to message me thinking it’s my husband. I just messaged my lady’s lunch group with:

“I’m going to go masternerbate my wiener”



Probably less awkward then “come up stairs for a BJ”


Not sure if it is. My husband laughed his ass off.

Brb :wink:




I’m sitting here listening to my husband talk to Siri. He’s looking for pictures of Fabio…

Husband: “Search for Fabio pictures”
Siri: “Showing result for fabliau (Fab-lee-o)
Husband: “Search for pictures of FABIO.”
Siri: “Showing result for fabliau (Fab-lee-o)

He’s getting so mad and I’m laughing my ass off haha!




My guy: I recorded several movies on TCM, some I’ve seen, some that were recommended, some I’ve wanted to see for a long time.

Kiddo: Are these recommendations from FOX?

Him: No, but some are from Powerline (conservative site).

Me: Oh, same thing (as Fox).

Kiddo: “John”, do the NAZI’s win in your sides movies?

Me: roflmao

Kiddo: same

My guy grudgingly chuckles, because dammit it was just that funny.




This is why I don’t go to Canada.