Funny Cuz It's True


How to get your husband to vacuum

Buy a new vacuum.
Show him vacuum.
Tell him it was cheap and probably shitty but it was “on sale”.
Man’s thirst for knowledge will kick in and he’ll test it all over the house.

Works great BTW. :wink:


An excellent test for a new vacuum is to vacuum every room with the old one, then go over it right after with the new one, so you can see what the old pos left behind.


This was taken at a Holiday Inn Express. A whole new perspective on those Holiday Inn Express commercials.


If it’s an American husband it’s better if you tell him it’s the baddest ass vaccuum with more power than any vacuum you can find anywhere on the planet. It helps if it has 4wd.


Upon finding a USB drive downstairs, my children have a back and forth about whose USB drive it is. I wasn’t there for it but @Zeek relayed it to me:

Hubby: Who’s USB drive is this?
Daughter: It’s not mine. Mine is red.
Son: It’s not mine. Mine is blue.
Daughter: It’s must be mom’s porn stash!




True dat.


How old is your daughter?


13 as is my son :slight_smile:


I didn’t realize or remember that they are twins. She’s quick witted for sure.


Both my kids are sharp with the humour. We laugh constantly at home.


And she knows her mom…


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Some guys have all the all the luck I tell ya



I bet his penis is massive too…



I’m looking at you Episcopalians!


I just overheard this…

“A guy blew me but he didn’t say “no homo” after. Am I gay?”