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I think this guy has found a keeper!



Haven’t we all been there? (Asking for a friend)




I have a 30 something year old stepson. He’s gotten in a pickle because he drinks quite a bit. The family doesn’t hassle him because he’s gainfully employed, single, and independent. No one loves that he drank a lot because he’s a partier, mostly we all believed it would catch up with him one day and he’d have to deal with the consequences.

Funny part is coming…

And it finally did. He was suspended from work, with pay, for a week. He was pretty down and decided to go to AA. He did it for work and not because he’s quite ready to stop drinking. He’s decided he just needs to play it cool for “awhile”. :worried:

In any case, his father was having a talk with him in front of several of us. Being an immigrant, sometimes he gets confused by our adages. They don’t always seem logical to someone who’s first language isn’t English.

So, his son speaking only English, forces him to speak in English only. He’d just learned “cold turkey” from my son when they’d discussed stepson’s drinking a day or so before.

So, my ex isn’t exactly a soft touch or terribly smooth when he speaks and says to my stepson “Well, why don’t you just go ‘wild turkey’? Get it over with.”

There’s this silence for a couple of seconds,you know when they seem like hours?, and I wanted to break the tension and quipped “I think going ‘wild turkey’ is exactly the problem.”

My ex scowled in confusion and all the kids, my son, daughter and stepson and myself started roaring in laughter.

One can find humor even in the most difficult time. After we calmed down we explained “wild turkey” wasn’t the same thing and that actually it was a brand name of a bourbon.

One can find humor even in the most trying of circumstances.

Also, I love finding these little nuggets from people that have learned English as a second language.

Going wild turkey sounds like it should be a thing, no?


Seems the ladies dominate this week…


I laughed, because to my ear it was an acutely dark question.
Dark, because WT is an “overproof” whiskey, bottled at 101 proof instead of the usual 80 proof.

“Going Wild Turkey” would actually speed up the Day of Reckoning, for most drinkers.


Me: Child…how many days have you worn those pants? Honestly.
Son: Looks around clearly thinking up some bullshit to tell me that I might believe.
Me: You’re thinking up a lie to tell me. Just be straight with me.
Son: Since Monday.
Me: So what do you think you should do?
Son: Commit and wear them for the whole week?
Me: Bursts out laughing.

Damn funny kid but I still made him change his pants.



I look back nostalgically at Dubya, this isn’t too earth shattering, nahmean? (Pro Tip: Current POTUS Least approved of ever)



I want to see the doll dammit!


IKR!!! I did research the article, and while it was a little sensationalized by my link, it is never the less the truth…LOLOL


Not gonna give this it’s own thread but I think it does belong here…LOLOL


If married women only ceased to fantasize about Turkish soap opera stars, poof, no more gays.


So the Trump kids are gay?


Certainly Barron will be. Look at what she got-ewwww.




@Borommakot Ask your new boss if this is really how Boeing got it’s name.