Funny Cuz It's True




I wish someone would have fucking clued me in and lectured me before I hooked up with my ex.


I’m willing to molest you so you learn your lesson young lady.


I knew I could count on you Kearn haha





I resemble that!


I love having all of you here. I really really do. When I log in and see people have posted, I smile my damn face right off! Literally!



Well, I’m not going to molest you…BUT I’m not above luring you to a seedy bar, getting you shit faced and while you’re passed out,…rifling through your purse for loose change and gum.

FUCK!..I just realized…you would have Canadian change…WTF am I going to do with that?

Forget it bitch…you’re useless…:neutral_face:


Oh come on now! You could flash off all those shiny Loonies and Toonies to your American friends and look all cultured and shit. Heck, we even have glow in the dark ones.

That’s good for at least a couple of coolness points.



I wouldn’t show my glow-in-the-dark coinage to an American… last time I was in the dark with an American (a power failure that lasted about 12 seconds), I found that, when the lights came back on, my underwear was gone (though I still had my jeans on) and there was a Florida $3 bill sticking out of my cleavage.


Glow in the dark money,…seriously???:alien:

Probably get cancer from that shit…:neutral_face:



Seriously and probably. :smiley:


Me: "You can’t use that as a dildo!"
Husband: “Not with that attitude!”



Soooo bad! Haha


So I have a habit of removing my bra because I hate wearing one. One day I left it at a friend’s house. So I was doing karaoke tonight with my friend and singing “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” and he changed the words to “Don’t go leaving your bra.” :smiley:


Having to wear a bra is terrible. I hate them.


So you go to other people’s homes and remove your bra? You just strip it off when the mood strikes?..:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

One would think that admitting to doing Karaoke would be more than embarrassing enough.