Funny Cuz It's True


Life does that to some people. I’m thinking of my friend Oddzy, who is probably known to a couple of you. I was in her city several years ago and had dinner with her and her MOM. Her mom is a bit daft but definitely more fun than she is these days…but in her youth she was a very spirited young filly.

I think it’s possible to reverse this, but only if you want to and are willing to work hard for it and get a support network.


She’s still fun, you try going through Katrina destroying your home, divorce, job insecurity, subsequent sudden death of the ex leaving you alone to support a child and then breast cancer in a few years and see how much of a party animal you’d be.

I do remain in touch with her and we had some laughs.


That’s what I had in mind when I spoke of “life happening.” I do know she’s had more than her share of it.


And through all that she has actually maintained her sense of humor.


I’ll have to take your word for that.


Her most recent text was this video from a karaoke challenge at airport in NOLA. Got the text yesterday. She said this video gave her a belly laugh. If you think she lost her sense of self, I know for a fact that she tired of the forum/internet bullshit long ago.


I just wiped myself with Hello Kitty toilet paper.



Thank you…is the potty training going well?..:see_no_evil:


It’s going well but I’m sure there’s room for improvement.



So you are saying you won’t be shitting the bed any longer?

Your boyfriend,…Ace,…he will be disappointed…:rofl:


I’m not giving up bed shitting for some novelty toilet paper. Pfft! I’m really committed to this MS thing.



Well there is your room for improvement. Your priorities are screwed…:grin:



Local radio station’s “Dumbass of the Week” poll…
I liked the alien one…LOL


Are those real?

I want to do a thread of that!


A local radio station does this weekly. The stories are true, they take them from news stories.


Yuppers, here’s the Paul Revere of Alien invasions story.


I think he missed the date by an assload…they’re already here.

He mush have turned the wrong knob on his “wayback machine”.


I decide I want to purchase Home Free’s new album. So I type in “home free” as the search term on Amazon…this is how the page started.

Anal douche kit??? really???


Hahaha! That’s hilarious!