Funny Cuz It's True


If I have had to raise a son and now a grand daughter…no easy breathing allowed…hahahaha


Yeah, but you wouldn’t trade it for the world, would you?


No way in hell. Grand daughter was the daughter I never had. And…sigh…she knows it. LOL

And my son is very aware of the picking order…


The natural order of things. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah well I have to raise a son and daughter who are the same age! (And I love it!)

I’m starting to get a hint of what these next few years are going to be like and I’m terrified!


We were talking about the show “Hell on Wheels” and my daughter asked, “Is that the show from Alberta with the bad drivers?”

LOL @Keeper


Not really amusing, but an extreme case of “small world”.

An exchange student at my high school was a lovely girl from New Zealand. I, like half the boys in the school, was in love with her.

At the end of her year, she flew home, never to be seen again.

Fast forward forty years. I’m driving a friend to visit her husband in the hospital in Peoria. The hospitals there are an absolute rabbit’s warren (sorry, Wabbit, but it’s true) and we got hopelessly lost looking for St. Francis.

At last, we stopped in a parking lot and asked the first person we met for directions. In a charming accent I remembered warmly, this young woman pointed us the right way. I couldn’t help but ask if I recognized a bit of EnZed in her speech.

She smiled and said yes. I asked if, by any chance, she was familiar with the city of Palmerston North, where the girl had come from. Indeed she was, she grew up there.

I asked if she knew (the girl’s married name) and, in shock, she said yes to that, too: this student in Peoria was the best friend of the girl’s youngest daughter.

My friend from high school had grown up to be first a nurse, then an MD, and this student in Peoria was in med school because of her, and was in Peoria for residency because it was closest to where her friend’s mom had lived in America.


Your daughter’s a riot.


That is a SMALL world!



My husband and I were checking out our new sous vide set up. He was talking about how little evaporation there had been. The next thing out of my mouth was, “I wonder if I could shoot ping pong balls across the room.”

My husband stops, looks at me and we burst out laughing. I say, “Wait! Wait! How did I get there?”

“Well,” he says, “I was telling you about those ping pong like balls that act as lids on pots. From there is your own internal struggle that you have to deal with.”



It’s charming how “ate up” you are, Starling. :dizzy_face:


Thought you had tested that theory already…LOL


Not yet :wink:


This is the setup that I was talking about if anyone is interested:


Sub-Title: NOT ready to tie the knot

At work today, while working at a “Flu Clinic”, I was telling a youngish man between 27-32 or so, that I would need his medical record. Poor sob, hears “marital record” and says…NO, NO I don’t need that form. I’m NOT married.

I looked at him quizically and said, "Okay, I’m not quite sure what’s going on but you don’t need to be married to get your…OH, you heard MARITAL record. Bursts of laughter from all the folks around. I piped up “No ones tying you down, huh? No siree, not you! Well, no worries, you won’t be married after the shot, I promise. And stand firm, don’t you let her pressure you, hear?”

Haha, he took it all in stride, but the horror in his voice…lmfao


I’ve got a gooder…

My daughter went trick-or-treating in a very rural area tonight. This was her experience…

“So we go to this old lady’s house. There are no lights on. We knock on the door. The lady opens the door. She takes one look at us and says, ‘Noodles?’ and one of the people I was with said ‘Yes,’ so she leaves and comes back and hands us packages of Raman noodles.”


Someone who won’t be named was watching Tucker Carlson and as I come out of the kitchen I hear the Monday night football theme music.

Involuntarily, I say “Thank God, football.” Apparently, it was said with such happiness that my people all laughed.

I’d rather watch 7 yr olds playing Pop Warner football than Tucker Carlson’s best show.


As long as nobody kneels, right? I hear that’s bad.


It’s terrible. Countless have died for the anthem.


Last of our flu shot days at work. So today someone came in asking

“Is this where I can get the best quality flu shot?”

Me: “Sir, these are the BEST flu shots. They are so special, you have no idea how bigly you will benefit.”

It sure did break the tension for those waiting to get poked in the arm…hahaha