Hey, patriots...about protecting that Bill of Rights
Best signs from March for Our Lives
Hey, patriots...about protecting that Bill of Rights

“…and that;s all I got to say about that”


Anders Breivik played a lot of violent video games.




Are they affiliated with the Jews For Nazism?


No idea. Just saw it somewhere else and because of who posted it I laughed like hell and decided to share. LOL


videogames have actually caused less violent tendencies though


Isn’t it true that excessive videogaming or “gaming” as yuo kids call it, lol, causes one’s bawls to shrivel up, and the wire to go limp?


True story. I have an ex-boyfriend who lost a nut that way.


Now we’re talking…



This is quite interesting. Seriously.


I have been watching this auditor (news now Huston) for a few weeks now and i have to say i been learning a lot about the states laws concerning guns and the constitution.
@Bigdukesix i can see your frustration on how cops have no concern about your rights as a citizen.

This Video was taken 2 days ago.


I can hear them now. Hey, since they had the school shooting lets run out and walk around wearing a hoodie with our AR’s and freak the citizens out enough to call the cops on us. Then we can teach these cops a lesson on open carry. Half the time I wonder if they are really gun control freaks trying to start something that will lead to taking the guns. Then, regardless of how anyone may feel about cops, what would we say about the cops if they didn’t respond to a citizens report of someone carrying a long gun and then they shot up the place. They set the stage to force the cops to act the way they do. The knew exactly what they were doing when they put that hoodie on and strapped that AR on. Even chained it to themselves. They knew they would scare people into calling the cops.

If you had been the one that called the cops that night, and they told you on the phone not to worry about it because it’s legal to open carry, how secure would you feel? These guys do more harm than good and will wind up getting shot one of these days, probably by someone that is a concealed carry.

Common sense people…common sense.


Yes kiebers, common sense and in common sense world, you don’t let people run around with rifles chained to themselves.

No one knows the intent of a person running around with a gun including the police. The police are then faulted for coming into a situation where a weapon is involved and doing what anyone with common sense would do.


I should have wrote some background on what these guys do.

They are all Auditors that go from place to place educating police,security guards , FBI offices , sheriffs ETC… YOUR!!! gun laws and the Constitution of the United States and find the “bad cops” that dont know the laws or YOUR rights.
Should they have done this so soon? HELL NO but its what they do.


I have watched a lot of their videos. I am aware of who they are.


But in Texas you can carry a long rifle chained to yourself, Thats what the audit was about.