Hitler used children to take away guns too.




Guys, thanks for your reasoned posts about the first amendment and the corporate takeover of free media.

There’s a whole fukking subforum for yet gun fondling.


Here, we have inspections for prohibited weapons and like 10+ guns. It’s done by a firearms officer making an appointment to inspect.

The rest is on a complaint basis.

The thing is, you know what the procedure is if you CHOOSE to own a gun. It’s your choice to give up certain aspects of privacy.


I’ll clean it up shortly.


Over at the Cosmic Outhouse you could be put on “tard” status which meant you could only poast to a very limited subset of boards. Maybe you could “tard” Boro to the guns board so he can rant and rave to his little heart’s content.


No worries! As soon as all the guns are banned we can continue this conversation about all the current mass shootings!


All what Guns Chicken Lilbromo?


All the ones in my safe.


Who said so?


Don’t worry. You’re grandfathered.

Now you have some spare time to learn how to read gud. :slight_smile:


Grandfathered still bans them.
Next generation can’t own something because previous generation is a bunch of pussie


Awwwwww muffin.


I know :frowning:

It’s a shame people wol l blindly give up their liberties to “feel safe”, regardless of the fact that it won’t help.


Not enough is being done in the name of the “right to life” for some I suppose. But there are groups like the NRA that stand in the way of proper gun controls so instead you get these bullshit bans.


Every gun owner that isn’t a Fudd or a pussy disapproves of gun bans.

Every (legal) gun owner I’ve met doesn’t care about having to go through a mental health check, background check, etc.

But these legislators wants to ban everything that looks scary AND do checks. Then when we call out the ban they say we’re being unreasonable and intolerable.



I agree with you while not contesting current bans. That said, we have classes of weapons where an owner must demonstrate a need and go through extra hoops to own such weapons. It can be a tiered system, eh?

This all or nothing, black or white thinking, is part of the problem.

Frankly, restricting hand guns would be smarter than an assault weapon ban.


It would be,


I don’t have to have a NEED to exercise a RIGHT.


You have the right to have your rights limited so not to infringe on the RIGHT others have to LIFE.



Since when have my weapons ever infringed on someone’s rights?