Why do you think this is about you as a single person rather than you as a collective?


Because my rights were being infringed even though I didn’t do anything wrong.



You still have the right to bear arms. What’s the problem?


Will I in 20 years? Nope. Will the Democrats keep trying to ban guns? Yep.

It’s a life-long fight against these pukes.


What a stupid dialogue to have. Guns won’t be outrighted banned. Why even entertain this divisive, extremist nonsense?


You will be long dead before that will ever happen.


Thanks to the NRA and all other bodies helping protect the 2nd.


I think you hold to much merit when it comes to the NRA’S egenda.



Screw it. You guys have the right to bear arms.

Ban bullets. :smiley:


Chris Rock said in a stand-up show that bullets should cost $10K a pop. One guy to the next “I’d really shoot your ass, if I could afford it.”



Chris Rock was really on to something.


He went on to say that if you really wanted to kill someone, you had to save money, put bullets on layaway…he laid it on thick, but it made a good point. There wouldn’t be innocent victims anymore, would there?



FUDD. The 2d Amendment isn’t about hunting.

In other news, PETA has more mass shooters than the NRA.



Source and citation, or step the fuck off.


Link to NRA mass shooters?

I’ll wait.


All of them.


While you wait, link me to the PETA mass shooters.

Don’t look now, but I think you just tripped over yer dick again.