OK Bromo close your eyes and imagine this, if you can…you’re at a gun show looking for an AK or a Silencer, or whartev., and the one guy that looks like he might be a player says no, but I got a high
school buddy of mine that likes that stuff, in fact he just came by here a while ago, I can call him for you if for you if you’re interested (Since he’s just outside having a smoke right now)


Texas has no laws expressly regulating gun shows. See the Texas Private Sales section for state laws that apply at gun shows.

Texas Private Sales section is what I posted.

Psst…I live in Texas


Yeah you guys have no specific gun show laws.

The age requirement still makes that meme untrue for Texas though.


It’s illegal if a person knowingly sells a gun if the buyer is going to use it unlawfully.

How does that protect the public from people that don’t tell people they’re going to commit a crime? Seems like people don’t really share that kind of information widely.


It protects the public from people who admit they’re going to cause harm by making it illegal to sell them guns.

Or it just throws more bodies at prisons and that’s fun right?


It seems to nullify the law.


I agree with having background checks for private sales.


How would someone conduct one?


The sale is transacted through a FFL dealer. Of which there are many at gun shows.


And if you weren’t going through a gun show?


It should still be required but no way to really police that, just like the black market.


In my state, which I believe should be adopted everywhere,

Both parties to a gun shop and pay the FFL to do a background check. Waiting period starts on that day.


I think that’s what Oregon is doing now too.






But muh Vietnamese farmers!


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Welp, maybe i was wrong in how i interpreted 2A