You need a “real reason” what the actual fuck is that?



Yeah you need a genuine reason to own a gun like you go hunting or own a farm, etc.


People can want all they want, but forcing everyone in the country to bend to their will?



How about because I like to go shooting?

You know… shooting IS a sport.


If you can establish you participate in the sport, maybe that’s a good enough reason.


The NRA has been doing that for years. Funny that suddenly you don’t like it.


But self preservation isn’t?

That’s covered by our guarantee to “LL&P”


Funny how you bring that up but yet laugh at kids who are tired of getting shot and watching people DIE.


I don’t like it when it infringes on rights. Show me where the NRA infringes on rights.


How about the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? People who get shot lose those rights.




We really do need an ammosexual sub.


Banning guns also robs people of those rights.

Especially when “self protection isn’t a reason” LOL


Funny how it does it FAR less in countries that have common sense gun laws, eh?


Except not


Except yes.

And it’s not about guns. It’s about the attitude that puts guns on the same level as life. Nothing will change until that changes.



Freedom is worth dying for, soo…


Killing each other isn’t freedom you fool.


2nd Amendment right is a freedom many many people have died for, you fool.