You’re a fool if you believe that. The only people dying for that right is those being shot by those very guns. You don’t have freedom with the 2nd; you have fear.


I can’t take you seriously.


No offence kid but you aren’t smart enough to take me seriously because you don’t have a clue what it’s like outside your own little bubble. You don’t know what liberty and freedom really look like. No perspective.



You’re argument is pathetic.


Oh the irony!


Do you understand what this picture represents?



It means that Iraqi woman voted.


You know how she got that right?


Guns don’t equal fear.


Have you been drinking?


That’s pure bullshit…You think that way because you are Canadian…the difference is you Canadians as well as most former British colonies, never earned your rights, you groveled for them. You simply waited around until it became financially beneficial for both partys to loosely part ways. Your rights reflect that of your mother country where the government tells you what rights you should have and worst of all, when you can have them. When individuals live in an environment where there rights are at the whim of the government (as in Canada) I don’t really expect those individuals to understand rights or the preservation of rights.


Tell that woman that her freedom to vote wasn’t provided by guns.


You probably would have had more reasonable laws had you stuck with the British so don’t give me that shit. Instead you have 4 year olds shooting their infant siblings after getting into mommy’s gun that she’s carrying around in her purse because she’s scared shitless.

We also have more influence over our government (including our rights and laws) than you do.

We also don’t need to carry guns around to feel safe.

So please, tell me how again how you’re soooo much better off having “fought for your rights”.



Don’t forget the bombs and missiles.


Are you high again?

Everyone of your statements in that previous post were pulled directly out of your ass.


Nope I’m not.

Look into it if you don’t believe me, including the story about that poor baby. Jesus Christ!



Yeah, you are…I suggest you look into it…The majority of ccw holders carry not because the they frightened but because they feel a strong responsibility toward their personal protection…Its call self reliance…That is a virtue that tends to be overlooked in a socialist paradise like Canada so you probably don’t get that but in the US it’s still alive and well among some of us.


Because yer scared. Your country runs on fear. I can see it because I don’t live in it. I get your news every day though. Numerous studies have been done on it. Hell! Your own police force can’t stop shooting unarmed black kids because the trigger happy fucks are scared shitless.

I’m also not advocating taking your guns away. We have guns here too, eh.


So you are saying because the parents of the child left a firearm unsecured because of fear?

IF SO, that’s ridiculous. The weapon was left unsecured because of stupidity. People that dumb are are too stupid to be afraid.


They have guns because of fear and they don’t secure it because they’re scared someone will break in and it won’t be handy.