I have guns because I just like shooting :thinking:


Shooting people who make you feel threatened?


You do know that most ccw holders don’t carry all the time, right? So I guess on the the days they don’t carry they decided not to be afraid…Just so you know, your argument has a lot of holes in it.

As for studies regarding how the US is run on fear…well, we all know what studies are. People trot them out when they can use them to their previeved advantage. It doesn’t make them valid. It’s funny how they are so often mistaken for science when it is convenient to do so.


Targets, y’know .

issa sport


Damn it’s late, time to put all my guns to bed.


I never specified CCWs because I’m not just talking about CCW holders but I’d bet those same people have a loaded gun sitting near the beside or in some other accessible yet not so secure location.

Again, if you could see America from outside of America, you’d be fucking appalled. The manipulation, bullshit, distrust and fear mongering is off the hook. I can’t blame you for your fear but I can’t deny it either.


So then you don’t object to safe storage, transport, licensing or restrictions on what guns you can own or people who don’t shoot for sport not having guns?


In some cases maybe that fear is justified. You don’t live here and you don’t live in an area were the likelyhood of being assualted or being the victim of a home invasion is high. You have never had to live like that. You live in lilly white podunk BC where the biggest crimes are most likely jaywalking and skipping out on dog licensing fees. So don’t be passing judgement on those who live where crime is a real thing. You also live in a country where the population is about .00005 per square mile FFS. Live in a place where people are living on top of each other, all clamoring for their piece of the pie and then talk to me about fear. You have no God damn clue.


The many times I’ve been to Canada, I’ve also seen how your media portrays the US and its usually blatantly wrong. So I’ll take your appraisal of us with several grains of salt.


Won’t you be askeeered if you aren’t carrying them around with you while they are sleeping?


Give me a fucking break about not having a clue. I get it just fine. We all grew up watching your news and visiting your cities and I wouldn’t live in the US for anything! I know I’ve got it good where I live and the comforts I enjoy because of it.

And my dad’s house was broken into twice, once while he and his wife were home.

Now if you look at a country like Japan, it has a much higher population density than you without the problems you guys have. Why is that do you think?

And why do you think there’s nothing you can learn from the rest of us?


Japan has an entirely different culture, society and history than the US or Canada. Apples to oranges, missy.


Wasn’t that in one of my original points to Boro?


I watch YOUR news. Our news is boring.


I can learn that you are a judgemental bunch of fucks, pointing your own dirty little fingers at us. But we all do that, it’s human nature to be judgemental, especially when we don’t agree and are both convinced that we are right. It’s always best to keep to your own side of the fence.


So we’re judgemental for pointing out your cultural attitudes are causing yourselves a lot of grief? Oh no! We’re such assholes!

You guys can’t even see the shit you’re in and you don’t seem to realize you aren’t a fucking island.


Okay exactly how is our 2nd Amendment affecting you?..You say we are not and island and this discussion is about gun ownership and rights…so make the correlation. Don’t just throw shit against the wall in a hope that it will stick. How is Canada or any other country affected by our 2nd Amendment?

I hate to sound like a school teacher setting an assignment but I need to see this.


No offense but almost everything in Canada is boring…Studies and or surveys have been done on that too…

You have nice scenery though.


I already went over it with Em but I’ll try to dig the thread up in the morning because I’m fading.

On a personal note, my BFF is an American gun owning Republican with three beautiful kids whom I love. I know statistically speaking that she and those kids have a higher chance of being shot while a gun is in their home (or guns as it were). To solidify that, her first child’s father pulled a loaded gun on her when her daughter was two because she was going to leave him. He then left the gun sitting on the couch with the kid running around. Our loved ones live, work, study and visit your country - thousands of them every day. Just keep that in the back of your mind when telling ya to mind our own business, please.

While you’re playing teacher, maybe you can lecture Boro about how you 2nd Amendment isn’t the same thing as declaring war on Iraq. :smiley:


Yeah you are…I hate it when my country tries to tell others how they should live or how their society is wrong…its none of our fucking business… and it’s none of yours as well.

That attitude on a governmental level is how we ended up becoming the worlds police force and it sucks.