Yeah, life definitely lacks excitement up here and we like it!


We all share this world and again, we aren’t islands. My country’s economy is very closely tied to yours. We have a vested interest in your country not being a shit hole.


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You or I can’t control other people’s actions nor can we control their penchant for stupidity. I’m sorry your friend had to experience a bad relationship and suffer an irresponsible dumbass. But realistically that kind of thing can happen anywhere. As you say, you have guns in Canada too and I’m sure stupid people as well.

I’m not sure how that is a strictly an American thing…Just an FYI, irresponsibility is not a right. It’s an intellectual and sometimes emotional failing. Unfortunately it’s an all too common trait among us humans.

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The differences being, in Canada she would have been able to have him arrested because the act of having a loaded gun in your home is an offence. On top of it, her previous complaints of domestic abuse would have seen his gun taken away so he wouldn’t have had the opportunity to wave it in her face when she decided to leave.

There is a woman here who is currently in the process of divorcing her husband (an avid hunter). He was talking shit to his new girlfriend about how he wants to shoot his ex wife. She mentioned it to her Mom who mentioned it to the ex wife who reported it to the police and he instantly lost his guns and his firearms license.

The right to life and security of person exceeds the privilege of gun ownership and that’s how it should be.


Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


Here it’s life and security of person.


What I meant was that your statement about life and security is sort of implicit in our “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.” Dead people can’t pursue happiness.


Yep. It’s our equivalent. It’s the right to be safe.


There are at least 29 states that I know of that have laws pertaining to the relinquishment or removal of firearms from persons either arrested for, or convicted of domestic abuse. There could be more as I’m not up on the latest statues in every state. Many municiplaities also have there own statues on this subject as well. I know in NJ if the police are called to a scene of domestic violence, one of the first questions asked is “Are there firearms in the home” and they are removed upon arrest of the of the offender. It worked the same in WA. as well. Here if you are convicted, you forfeit your firearms ID and you are barred from purchasing or owning a firearm.

Also Federal law prohibits gun possession by anyone subject to a protective order. The protective order must restrain the person from harassing, stalking or threatening an intimate partner or child of the partner.

Furthermore I find your statement regarding being arrested for having a loaded gun in the house rather dumb. While it is an obvious infraction of your firearms storage regulations; threatening an individual with a gun or pointing a gun at someone would be more than justification for arrest as well as the primary reason for arrest in that situation.


You cannot keep a loaded gun in your home period. Even if he hadn’t threatened her and just loaded the thing, he would be arrested. Improper storage of a firearm in Canada is an indictable offense and is liable to imprisonment of up to 6 months. (CCC s.86)

Uttering threats (aka causing a person to receive a threat) is an entirely different charge.

Both these things would seen a revocation of a firearms license and removal of all firearms from the home.

In my BFFs case, the police were called and he denied he even had a gun let alone threatened her with it. Nothing came of it.

When firearms are removed from a home in the US, when can a person a) get them back b) buy another one c) obtain one from a private sale without a BG check d) get one in other state with different laws?

Why not have the same laws in every state?


I know you can get back a gun that was used in a suicide, at least here in Texas.


The person who committed the act won’t be the one getting it back though :frowning:


I should note the incident with my BFF was in like 2003. This report outlines the status of applicable laws in 2009:


Technically you aren’t supposed to get them back until after the outcome of the charges against you. If you are convicted, you can never get them back and your ability to purchase in the future is supposedly forever revoked. Once arrested and convicted the NICS bars you from purchasing a gun legally. As of 2016 over 300,000 convicted abusers have been stopped from buying a gun by the NICS. Unfortunately many domestic abusers circumvent the law by getting a gun illegally. Or as in the case of Devin Kelly, the air force which convicted him of beating his wife and child never entered the data into the federal registry.

In the case of restraining orders…as long as that order is in place, you can never have your firearms back and you cannot purchase a firearm. I’m not sure how the federal or state law works once the order of protection is lifted.

As for having one law…There is one. Since 1996 federal law states that anyone convicted of domestic abuse, even as a misdemeanor, they are supposed to be ineligible to purchase a firearm. But not all states confiscate existing firearms in the case of arrest or conviction. Confiscation is left up to the individual state or municipal authorities.


Lmao - there are more guns in a quarter mile radius of me then in a 100 mile one of you

we have guns too?? - thanks for the laff of the morning

I wud also ask what the hell good are they

If ya shoot an intruder yer going to jail

here they drag away the body


Yes, we know you have MORE guns but that doesn’t mean we don’t have guns. See, not every crazy asshole can get one. What’s the problem?


PS: AR15s aren’t banned here. We just have restrictions on clip sizes (max 5 bullets).


AR15 doesn’t take clips.


What does it take?