Magazine :sunglasses:


They aren’t the same thing? Haha


Ones a box, one is a piece of metal that “clips” the rears together.



Ah I see! Thank you for clearing that up. :slight_smile:

We also restrict magazines to 5 rounds as well :slight_smile:


FYI, it takes less than 2 seconds to swap a magazine out.

I’m only against that law because it “makes people feel safe” but in the end it just is an annoyance to sport shooters.

That being said, per hunting law, 3 shotgun shells and 5 (or 10 rounds) is the only legal amount to hunt with.

This varies state to state, but being caught with a 30 round mag while hunting leads to weapons confiscation.

Another state by state rule, AR15s are legal to hunt in most states but states like NJ, it’s illegal. But 30 round mags are already a felony inducing item there anyway.

My next AR15 build will be a hunting rifle, similar to this configuration.


@Starling how would you react if you found out CPL/CCW holders commit less crimes on average than Police?

And that over 80% of Police and Chiefs support CPL/CCW?


Two seconds can give someone an opportunity to get a shot in can it not?

I think those who want to do sports shooting should be able to go to a designated spot and use a bigger clip if they wish.

A bit off topic and unrelated to this current debate but is it ever legal to shoot a baby/juvenile animal (aside from it attacking you)?


The first point is completely in line with statistics here as well. Licensed gun owners tend to commit fewer crimes and we know this because we do daily background checks on them.

The second point I’ve heard before but I’m not buying it … yet.


Not sure, I know in WA as far as deer is concerned it can’t be a baby or anything. There’s also times when you can’t shoot at makes. Not like you can tell with a turkey or dove though, but there’s seasons for everything.


Someone who has things to lose, such as their weapons permits and so forth will usually perform else crime.

It’s deterrent AND a check.


So why not extend that check?


I’ve never had a problem with that.

I have a problem with banning things.


As with a lot of things enforcement is an issue that will need to be dealt with as well as what happens when law enforcement doesn’t enforce the laws, or cherry picks the ones they want to enforce.

Something tells me that with all this going on the FBI and Broward County Sheriffs culpability in Parkland will just fade from view.


People already forgot about the military not submitting DV paperwork to the FBI.


Which covers this one, but there have been a WHOLE LOT of other school shootings and the change desired here is overall.


What laws did either have behind them to act prior to the event?


So why aren’t you bitching that you can’t carry around a rocket launcher or flame thrower? A LOT of weapons are already banned.

And I agree with you that banning AR-15s isn’t the solution.


He’s talking about the ignored threat after threat after threat.


What threats? Talking shit on social media?


If you want to get an RPG or an AT4, you can. Just requires lots and lots of licensing and they’re very very expensive.