You guys are so fucked.


Not really.

An RPG7 requires years of background checks. Each projectile also requires years of background checks, and you can’t run two at once.

You’re looking at over $100,000 and 4+ years to just have one projectile.

And if your local Police Chief says no, then you aren’t allowed to own it.

It’s described in this article.

AND it has to have been here, grandfathered in from the NFA ban.




Here’s a real infringement.


LOL! No offence but that entire thing was stupid.


My point was not that secret service gets cool guns, is that there’s so many guns we can’t access due to laws already in place.


And WHY do those restrictions exist?




So if you want smart gun legislation you have to give up your privacy?

Fack off!


Mocking mass murder victims is so hot right now!


It’s what patriots do. You know, like our President Bonespurs.


Well… how else are you gonna ensure everyone has a gun safe? Everyone’s sane? Everyone HAS a clean background?

Granted that’s not what the meme is about.


How is a gun safe about privacy?


By giving people a CHOICE like you do with the CC folks.



Tell me how the government will verify you have a gun safe and are using it?

Japan has in-home inspections.


I asked you a question. Answer it. I’m not discussing your tangential issue.


As a New York native, this warmed my cold, black heart.


Let that sink in.