Holiday Humor



The “thanksgiving dinner” in a can isn’t real is it EM? im gagging!!

@Starling- I bet The Ravioli in a can looks pretty tasty about now eh???


No @Keeper, ravioli in a can doesn’t sound more appealing haha


I don’t know for sure. I take it as a gag.


Just for shits and giggles I would try it (if I could figure out how to cook it)


Just dump it out on a plate (you’ve done it right when you hear that satisfying sssssschlukk sound) and microwave it until it spreads out into a beautifully arranged meal.


I saw a turkey in a can at wallmart last year, couldn’t get myself to pick it up and actually look at it.

I’m not brave


But you’ll eat ravioli from a can. That’s braver than my Dad’s dog.


I can’t do it! Can’t do tamales in a can either, never tried though.


Growing up with 4 other siblings in the house that’s all we had to eat was ravioli in a can :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I ate a lot of canned ravioli as a kid. The minis, but the regular sized, didn’t like those for some reason.


Franco-American spaghetti
cut green beans

Standard babysitter meal when the parents went out.

Haven’t eaten that shit since the fifties.



Xmas Origins


Me neither



And here I thought I had a shitty childhood. Haha





This thread needs cats, dammit!