I bought and sold a gun this weekend.


Sold my Walther PPQ in 9mm for $220 (I got it for $650 6 months ago… Sold it to a friend for nice and cheap), and my old C5 Z06 exhaust for $180 and bought a Walther PK380 for $400.

PPQ is sitting at a gun shop awaiting my buddies background check and my PK380 is in my possession… shoots great.

Long live America.


With army guns and such, so you keep thoseon you or do they stay on base (or whatever military people do with stuff)?


I was curious if you are allowed to carry any personal weapons when your guard unit is out playing Army?


Military weapons are signed in and out of an Armory, and we cannot carry personal weapons…

although with the recent shooting at armories and recruiter buildings, no one will start corrective action.


You don’t say…


We protect our own :thinking:


Yes, I understand how a brotherhood of man works but you stated it that no one reports due to shootings, not because you love each other oh so much.

Also, shouldn’t you report the shitty ones and get them the fuck out of your ranks?


It’s not that people are carrying guns around, it’s just that every once awhile we’ll notice something.

Concealed is concealed.

Shitbags are rooted out other ways.


You don’t need to be carrying a gun around.


Starling you can’t say that with 100% certainty, there is always the chance, that a ufo or a bigfoot might grab you and start anally probing you n stuff, maybe.


More reason to not carry a gun. I’d hate for Boro to miss out on some hot anal action.


I don’t carry in uniform anyway lol


It just occurred to me that I have one handgun you probably haven’t shot, but would enjoy. I picked it up 25 or 30 years ago after the Iron Curtain fell and the Czechs were dumping these on the market. At first they were a hassle cuz all the ammo you could get was government issue, Boxer primed, corrosive and unreliable, and now and then you’d get a round that was overcooked and blow your piece up. But after a couple of years, Norma and others started offering the 7.62 x 25 Tokarev round in high quality. I think I gave $135 for mine out the door with 2 mags, a flap holster, cleaning rod, and 50 rounds…about 1989-90.

I love taking this sucker to the range because the report is so insane people from all over the range will come running to see wtf I’m shooting. It makes about 1600 fps at the muzzle. Has basically the same roller-locked action as the HK P9S and the early forerunner, the Schmeisser MG42.


Isn’t it funny how people come running. I had the same experience with an 1875 Parker double barrel 12 gauge. Went to the skeet range and between the noise and cloud of black powder smoke I had an audience. LOL We hand loaded and they were quite loud. Shooting at night was a trip. Like the fourth of July. I about shit the first time my dad shot it over the cab of a truck in the dark. We were hunting in fields for those not to be mentioned animals…LOLOL The flame and sparks were a surprise that night. Still have the Parker. Tightest breech ever.


Those CZ are super nice. I shot my buddies CZ75 a couple weeks ago.