My impression of Starling


I think she is kind of like this girl - it’s a complement - she goes all over the world camping with hardly anything

Of course I am prolly 100 percent wrong - but one does form in the mind’s eye what the other poster is like




I know,

uncanny how right I can be



Yeah you’re pretty wrong :slight_smile:


Just a slight smile

on 1 to ten how much am I wrong?


Well I consider camping anything under 4 stars.

I have no real accent.

I have long hair and as white as a sheet.

I do have tattoos including on my wrist.

I have a fairly similar build.

I would carry a big piece of wood like that.

I don’t wear a lot of makeup most of the time.

I laugh and smile a lot.

So like 4-5/10


And isn’t your bosom noticeably more prominent?


That’s what I was mostly talking about - the build - not accents and the rest of it

So I get at least a nine - maybe 9.6


Yeah that too.


I’m taller, not as toned, not as tanned, bustier, bigger arms but I have the slight soft hip curves she does with the long torso. I’d say I have a better butt too.



Belle is my favourite Disney princess.



Mulan is mine, fierce, independent, and courageous.


I never saw that one.


Makes Belle look like a wimp.


Belle was an intellect.


Evidence, or a departure is warranted.


Sorry if you missed it.


I have read every p0ast on this forum (as far as you know) and I have not seen it.

This hijack is worthless without pics.