Native-born Texans commit more crimes than undocumented immigrants



That’s hilarious. If there are 100,000 undocumented immigrants then they are committing a crime by being undocumented. They just have not been arrested yet…LOLOL Gotta love the slants news media takes…


Your logic is unimpeachable.

Yet, I wonder with those hundred thousand statutory crimes being committed on a daily basis, why don’t the cops in Texas stop hassling those Texans who are citizens and who are merely cooking meth and robbing convenience stores, and focus on arresting the undocumented immigrants instead?


Crimes are classified and we don’t have the necessary forces to do it all and as such take care of the more serious issues. Simple actually.


I agree, someone motivated and disciplined enough to walk a thousand miles thru desert wasteland, to take a shitty hard labor job that others won’t, is probably not cauing problems for local LEO


Not only that but because they are not documented they are forced to take whatever someone wants to pay. It’s exploitation that is damn near slavery.


I’ve always said if America seriously wants to stop illegals from taking all of our high paying factory jobs that Trump is bringing back (Someday), They need to go after the “Job Creators”


“Native born Texans” Hmmmm…Interesting use of terms…:thinking:

Since border jumpers, (for lack of a more accurate term), have been living in places like Texas and throughout the south west for as long as there has been a “border”…I wonder how many of those “Native born Texans” are offspring or at the very least descendants of illegal immigrants…Oh sorry,…“undocumented citizens”…:unamused:

I wonder if that was even factored in? Probably not because it would slightly fuck up the narrative being pushed.


Lots of speculation in this thread.


Many of these families lived there before the US border moved across them. Draw your own conclusion of their legality of ancestry according to your feelings on the matter. Especially since it seems to inform your opinion of this topic.


Exactly. My family is one of those. 1749 to be precise.


I don’t think those are considered illegal immigrants but rather citizens. They are documented. At least I think Em’s family is, perhaps she could confirm. I know what Meghan meant. I guess you didn’t.


Interesting. She said:

The tone of this statement by itself is not an open one. Perhaps you should let HER say what she means instead of meatshielding for her.


The folks that gave me my last name are all and were in Texas before most “Americans” were. 3 of 4; of my grandparents were American.

One of my grandmother’s came to the US illegally at about 3 yrs old. Her family was escaping the aftermath of the Mexican Revolution.

That grandmother became a citizen after marrying my grandad before he went on a ship to the North Pacific during WW2.

I didn’t know my grandmother had come illegally. During the 1920’s there was hardly a border patrol at all. The border was pretty porous, people of South Texas crossed back and forth constantly. For ahopping, going to dr, and visiting friends and family.

Anyway, found out she came here illegally about 10 years ago. Again, she became a citizen in her 20’s. She graduated.high school and raised a family of 4.

. No criminals in my family, either side. But at least 6 male relatives that are veterans. Everyone else are just normal average Americans. Proud of being American, but also proud of our heritage.

I know most people that come here illegally are like my grandmother.

I’ve never heard the term “undocumented citizen” before. I’ve heard “undocumented worker” plenty.


I’m not disputing that there have been Mexican families living in Texas for a very long time… Those families that go back to before the founding of tbe Republic of Texas belong here moreso than most white people. But they are not the demographic I’m questioning.

What I’m questioning is how many “Native born Texans” within this study are children of 1st generation or even 2nd generation illegal immigrants. What percentage of these “Native born Texans” does that encompass? It’s a relevant question because it can and probably does slant the numbers in favor of actual illegals having a lower arrest rate. BUT since we don’t have real numbers it may or may not allievate the copeabilty on the part of illegal immigrants on the overall arrest rate. From the info at hand the numbers could very well be “cherry picked”.

If you come to this country in violation of the current immigration laws and then deposite children into society who grow up in poverty and then turn to a life of crime, there is a certain amount of responsibility on the part of the violators that goes along with that.


Maybe you should go and rewrite the Constitution Megs, as I recall it states quite clearly those born on US Soil are US Citizens. So…yanno, that whole “Anchor Baby” deal?


So it’s about poverty, not immigration status?


Outside of the large metropolitan areas there is now, and always has been, poverty. Lots of it. That’s not new, but I’m still betting most crime is committed in the big cities, though rural communities experience more poverty.


There is a much larger picture that is attached to this. Painting it out as a black and white issue of illegal vs legal is purposely misleading and politically motivated.