No waiting while Black



I didn’t post this story because it’s not okay to complain about how some white people treat people of color.


I posted this earlier. I found the whole thing outrageous. SHAME on Starbucks and SHAME on the police for arresting them.


The white people were supporting them


I’m sure they were. Also, I said “some”. And since white people are the deciders on what’s okay to complain about, I tend to hold back.

There’s also the story about the people in Wisconsin that shot at a black boy because he knocked on the door to ask for directions. Didn’t post that either.


But Chicago tho? /sarc


Since when? I already posted this under the Assholes thread so there goes that bullshit.

This is not a fucking Halloween costume Emerald.


As anyone with any fucking sense.


No, but it’s on the same SPECTRUM of behavior towards blacks.


Do you recall when the English speaking world recoiled in horror when a young Prince Harry was photographed wearing a partial Nazi Costume at some drunken bash? It’s kinda like that, I don’t think Harry is a Nazi, and I’m sure he thought at the time that it would just be a hoot to wear it, but given his status and his own Family History etc, it was considered an error in judgement.




Wearing a costume of people who committed GENOCIDE is also a lot different then trying to look like the cast of your favourite show The Orange is the New Black.

But it’s just a costume nonetheless.


Anyway, they were arrested for refusing to leave which amounts to trespassing. What bullshit.

It’s apparently not Starbucks’ policy to require people to purchase food or drink which makes me wonder why the police were called in the first place.

More importantly, who is going to be fired for this.


Who the fuck would go there anywho

I went once cause some one gave me a 5 buck gift card



I’m sorry you don’t know what spectrum means.


I know bullshit when I read it though.


No, actually you don’t though you believe otherwise.


No actually, I do. I know when people are trying to make shit fit that doesn’t fit because of moral outrage. I grew up in politics woman. Saw it my entire life.


What you grew up in is white skin. You don’t know the first thing about living in skin that just isn’t the dominant color.


Yeah because skin colour is the only way a person can be marginalized.

When people are marginalized, they do what little they can to assert influence for change. If they can garner moral outrage over something like a Halloween costume, they’ll do it as they try to inch towards what really matters. I’d rather skip this bullshit step and get right to the meat and potatoes which seems to be what you don’t understand.

Black men being arrested for sitting at a Starbucks waiting is getting to the point. Black people can’t even wait in a coffee shop without the police showing up. THIS needs to be addressed … yesterday.