No waiting while Black


No, but race is not a costume.


So I’m right.


No, you’re not.

If that’s all this is about I don’t have time for you.


Of course not but you just supported my claim that you disagreed with.


I said race is not a costume.

You know what the other problem with your thought process is, it’s that all blacks are the same. You see them as all homogeneous when they’re not.

They’re not all poor, lliving in projects, being harassed by police. They have different experiences. So, while the black person on the bottom of the SES scale may have more blantantly oppressive interactions when it comes to matters of race, a black person on the other end of the SES may have a lot more passive aggressive interactions. The ones that are often called “microagressions” as if they don’t hurt at all, or shouldn’t. Well, because hell that guy was shot!

It’s as if people should accept shitty behavior just because others have it worse. Really? So, a woman who’s only slapped on the ass versus raped shouldn’t complain?

That’s what I hear people llike you telling blacks, hey, it’s no big deal, stfu, there are blacks being shot by police somewhere, count yourself lucky.



You’re assuming just because people aren’t poor in the black community that they don’t give a shit what plagues the black community in favour of Halloween makeup.

On top of it, I listen to black people ask why the relevant stuff like this Starbucks incidents (and the thousands more like this one) don’t make the news. Halloween costumes make the Daily Show FFS and you think there’s nothing wrong with that.


Fckn nggrs!


Does she realize the implications of ANYTHING


I suspect the sign is chopped, but in the Trump era who knows.


Sounds more like karma to me.


What I don’t understand beyond targeting black people for no fucking reason, is why do police arrest people for every damn thing? Wouldn’t it be enough just to escort people out and have that be that? Why waste police and court time with arresting people for stupid reasons?

I find as soon as the police show up things tend to escalate rather than de-escalate which should be the opposite, no?


Ya can’t have the 4th Reich with uppity blacks in yer coffee shops


God forbid!


Won’t somebody think of the white women?


I keep seeing more and more videos popping up of blatant racism at Starbucks where white people can use bathrooms before making purchases and blacks can’t.



What are you talking about? At the same time Starbucks was happening a boy was shot at for knocking on a door at a white couple’s house in Michigan.

All in the news.


The Starbucks incident was on Twitter for DAYS before hitting mainstream but Halloween makeup makes the Daily Show?

I see people bitching about shitty media coverage of relevant issues plaguing blacks on Twitter all the time.


Twitter? Give me a fucking break. Starbucks is and has been on the news. So has the incident tgat you don’t seem to know about in Michigan. So is the opening of the lynching museum in Alabama.

You have to be a fucking idiot to go to Twitter for the news.


You mean the one where the guy was arrested for shooting at a black kid who was lost and knocked on his door?

I read about that one on Twitter too.

The Starbucks incident in the OP was videoed and posted on Twitter before it ever hit mainstream BTW.

I guess this fucking idiot gets to know stuff before the rest of y’all who wait for it to come down in the mainstream. Sucks to be me hahaha