NRA is commies -


This is what a fucking idiot you are boro

you join the lifers to fight commies who channel cash to mother fuckers who elect a commie/nazi president who will get you in more wars

dats as dum fuck as it gets - and to top it off yer prob a paying member of the nra

can’t make it up


This falls under the need for some serious electoral reform.

Up here, due to recent electoral changes, special interest groups (unions, etc) and corps can’t make political donations.


That would be righteous. Let them use their own money and donations from citizens. But I am sure there are loop holes. Politicians are not going to kill the cash cow.


Democracy > Political Donations


This is Merica where cold hard cash is Free Speech!


Well, I don’t believe our corps have person status here like they do in the US.


The very idea is ludicrous.


Oh I agree wholeheartedly.



On a funnier note 67 NRA approved and extremely vetted politicians, voted in favor of the new gun gabber laws in yer Florida.