Pics that Make You Feel


WWII trenches


La Meauffe, Manche, France


WWI Bomb Craters, Verdun, France



Trench of Bayonettes, Douaumont, France

A trench with soldiers, with their weapons standing up such that the bayonettes were above ground. The trench collapsed, killing the soldiers, all that was found were the lines of bayonettes.


Chris Guelfroy, the last person to die trying to cross the Berlin Wall, a few months before it came down.


Union Station





It occurs to me that now these craters are a century old. My WWI pics are from 2008. The Berlin pic from last year.




Niagara Falls is my happy place


Here’s my happy place. Villefranche-sur-Mer, a little town outside Nice.



I can see why! It’s gorgeous!


Yeah, that pic was taken from the balcony. Usually on vacation in Europe, once I’ve seen what there is to see in a place, I am ready to move on. I never got to that point in this place.



That looks like a real relaxing place. I’ve decided when I retire I have to be able to see water. The French harbor would do nicely but not in my price point.


How about the Balkans?

I hear how beautiful it is and it would be a lot cheaper. Enjoy life, there’s only one.


Absolutely, before I found this place I was in love with the Dalmatian coast, and pre-Game-of-Thrones Dubrovnik.