Pics that Make You Feel


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Transplant patient outlived his doctor



Irish teenager yells at British soldier during unrest in Northern Ireland


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Scuptures by Mark Jenkins as part of Project 84, a campaign that seeks to raise awareness of male suicide in the UK.




Stairway in Chateau La Rochefoucauld, designed by da Vinci
“What is a stairway but a corridor enhanced by elevation?”


Not every feeling is beauty and spirituality. This picture pains me. It saddens me that we’ve become a nation that jumped into the swamp with the swamp thing.



French Resistance member Georges Blind smiling in front of a German exicution squad October 1944.



I notice you like snow, Starling. Where are you from anyway?

Personally, living on the west coast, I miss the stuff. Summers here are just about perfect, but the winters are just wet and lifeless.


Some people miss the snow that aren’t from CA. I like that I can go to the snow if I choose, and not have to drive in the stuff all winter.


Yes. To me as well, snow was a place you went to sometimes.


I’m up north in Canada, BC to be more exacting but not on the coast so we get snow.