Pics that Make You Feel


Somehow this pic makes me think of @Starling


And yet another…but I thought it was McDonalds???




You know kiebs, my actual bestie sends me shit like that ALL the time. People seem to associate me with dicks. I wonder why /hrm…


I thought I addressed that in the post after that.


Oh yeah! LOL!

It was McDonald’s. This McDonald’s to be exact:








I love the otters!!

Who can’t love these cuties?!


Pripyat Ukraine


Pegs are the same length. But they pass thru the bridge, which is also a structural element and it’s thicker in the middle, as is the fingerboard. So, the D and G strings will both have less peg protruding inside.

To my eye it’s the G peg that looks too long. Might be due to a lotta wear since some players break a lot of g strings. If the pin is loose in the hole it’ll drop in further.


I know what you are saying. Never broke a G and I hit the strings pretty hard…LOL Broke a lot of E’s. Especially when going to a G tuning. But looking at my 6 and 12 it is not that great of difference. Probably didn’t put the pegs all the way in setting up for the picture.


In doing shop adjustments on an older guitar, I sometimes have replaced one or more bridge pins to get them evened up. In a few cases I’ve needed to open the holes up a bit with a small peg reamer (by hand, please) just to clean them up and get them all the same size, then replace the pins with oversize ones. But I’m more anal about bridge pins than a lotta techs are.


Rakotzbrücke Devil’s Bridge – Gablenz, Germany


The “Church of Light” in Japan. Architect - Tadao Ando


Red box (by Serge Najjar)


This spot on I-80 in Wyoming is known as the Highway to Heaven