Pics that Make You Feel


Been on that many times, and even remember that view. When I was a kid we’d go to SoDak every other summer. From Fresno: Up 99/5 to Sacramento, hang a right and drive for 3 days along I-80. Hang a left at Omaha/Council Bluffs and you’re at Grampa’s in about 4 hours, just south of Sioux Falls.


Is it every bit this neat of an affect?



The far hill is pretty far away, but my mind could still see it. So I don’t recall it like that. I imagine you need the clouds for the full effect.


What I love about this highway (and many American highways) is they are unapologetically straight. We don’t see a lot of that here in my neck of the woods once you get outside of urban areas.


Pink Urbanism makes me miss Oscar


I am sure he would have plenty to say about that…LOL It has been a couple of weeks since I messaged him. Took a several days but he did finally read it. No response though. He was online a few days ago on the 30th.


I hope everything is okay with him. :confused:


It was a law that they be straight a certain distance every few miles for war time landing and take off of war planes - fer real - not kidding





So stark, but infused with spirit somehow. Probably the lighting, but still…


It felt clean and without distraction - at peace. It’s what I wish my mind would be at times.



I think of I-10 or US 40 in west Texas, but they don’t have that effect for me because they have no mists or light values…just big sky and a straight road.


While I love straight roads… curvy roads are better.


Come to my neck of the woods and I’ll make you eat your words :smiley: