She’s got to put this to rest. It’s not that hard, state something along the following (both accurate and not bending to the will of CSI idiots):

“I am a Caucasian woman whose family lore includes a Native American ancestor. I have never used this story to gain any kind of advantage for purposes of education or employment. I have only shared this information as to express the pride our family has in our history as we understand it.”


That should nail it down nicely.


Yeah, it should, but POCAHONTAS!


Obama’s birf certificate iz teh fake!


What’s she doing?


Well, nothing really. Trump and other right wingers attack her for her story that there’s a Native American ancestor in her family tree. They believe, maybe for good reason, that she’s going to run for the presidency in 2020. A newspaper in MA has said she should take a DNA test.

Her response is that she’s not going to take a test, her family’s story stands as it is and no one is going to take their story away from them.

I wouldn’t submit to a DNA test to prove anything to anyone either.


She made some offhand remark about her Indian heritage several years ago, and cons have shrieking about it ever since.


Why is it even an issue?


I was thinking she had done something or something.




You don’t have to do anything to be attacked by your political opponents.


Why did Trump (and others) claim Obama was born in Kenya for 8 years?


Because she’s perceived as a threat from right and they’ll use anything to attack her.

Trump goes on his twitter rants and she’s a focus of them sometimes.

He’s also attacked Oprah, Chuck Todd and Maxine Waters this weekend.


Cons know the less they talk about their policy goals the better off they are, so they do a lot of character assassination instead.


Oprah?! WTF is his problem with Oprah?


That’s not limited to Conservatives. Smear campaigns work unfortunately.


Nothing, other than she has been id’d as a possible threat in 2020, and she doesn’t scrape and bow to him as he so desires.


Nobody smears like the right wing in this country.


Do dems do it? sure. But nothing at all on the scale of the Right Wing in this country. I’m willing to bet you have at least a sketchy or suspicious view of HIllary and Bill, right? Well they have been at the recieving end of the GOP smear system since way back when Bill was still Governor of Arkansas in the 80’s, You may recall the GOP got within a whisker of removing Bill Clinton from office after a witch hunt surpassing(arguably) what Hillary just went through, fast forward to the last few years and how effen many congressional hearings and investigations were directed at guess who? Hillary, Benghazi and her Casserole Recipe club emails, or whatev It seemed like every single day another story about another investigation, topped off by the Director of the FBI under GOP pressure announced publicly that HIllary was a subject of interest in a Federal investigation one week before the election, seriously? Nothing like that has ever happened in a US Election that I can remember.


You clearly aren’t on Twitter Haha