Not everyone on social media is running for office.


Yeah but almost everyone running for office is.


Because they’re fucking stupid.


No, I’m not. There is a whole world of people that actually strategize and plan smear campaigns. People like Newt Gingrich and Karl Rove. They don’t have time for nonsense like Twitter.


They both have Twitter accounts.


Newt Gingrich and Karl Rove both are very highly educated, very well read, cold hearted evil bastards.


That’s not where they plan shit.


What they plan is done behind closed doors, not on Twitter.


I don’t think many people openly plot on Twitter.


I agree, that’s why Twitter was irrelevant in my eyes.


I’m talking about smearing campaigning. It happens on Twitter.


It does. Twitter is a tool, a marketing tool. D, why and when to smear still happens the old fashioned way.


It’s one well used by Dems.


Show me a Republican politican that has been hounded nonstop by a Democrat or the DNC, for decades.


Can you give me one on the Dem side?

I’m not challenging the point, I’m just looking for the baseline.


A nice piece from one of yer Canadians.


You don’t think the Bushes would be the equivalent?


No. Bush 2 was vilified for invading Iraqnam (and to a lesser degree Afghanisnam) and for standing by and doing almost nothing to stop the world’s economy from imploding, while simultaneously kicking a mountain of debt down the road for the next guy to deal with, and get blamed for. Keep in mind Bush had extraordinarily high approval ratings in the months following 911, he left office with his poll numbers in the shitter.


Bush 2 had a reputation from minute one of being a bumbling dolt. He was painted as a complete and utter idiot who was surrounded by people with their hands up his ass. That was prior to 9/11.

Then you move on to Jeb who didn’t stand a damn chance thanks to Georgie.


Yes, he was criticized for his top staffers, ie Cheney, Rummy and Rove. His bumbling was his own double edged sword tho, it was art of his appeal in that he came across as the amiable everyman, but also he could come across as a bumbling dolt.