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So humor doesn’t really mean humor…got it.


Humor is funny. Usually that’s because it’s true, and in general humor cuts both ways.

It’s always meant that to me. When posting something that isn’t funny on its face, try using the Sarcasm tag.


It’s /nervouslaughcuzitskindatrue funny


If a liberal feels icky about gays, he sticks with women. If a conservative feels icky about gays, he wants them thrown in prison or at least prevented from getting marriage and the partner benefits that he gets from it. Just don’t open his door if you’re hearing grunting noises in two low voices.

If a liberal doesn’t think weed is a good idea, he doesn’t smoke it. If a conservative doesn’t think weed is a good idea, he wants users of it (at least CERTAIN ones) thrown in jail, and he’ll tell you this between whiskey shots and popping oxys. Oh, and don’t you dare go after tobacco subsidies.

If a liberal doesn’t like abortion, she doesn’t get one. If a conservative doesn’t like abortion, he wants it illegal, while secreting his secretary (or his daughter) to a clinic in the next county.

A conservative wants a Christian Nation, but just the moral requirements and just for thee and not for me; not the charity or hospitality stuff that Jesus actually talked about because that’s socialism. A liberal wants the charity and hospitality stuff, not because Jesus had to tell him to want them, but because they are a human and decent thing.

A conservative wants to rein in spending and reduce the debt, but only if a liberal is in charge; if another conservative is in charge, spending goes nuts.


Rec, I started to do that but didn’t think the lousy troll wasn’t worth it.




"Did you ever get the feeling that the world was a tuxedo and you were a pair of brown shoes?"
George Gobel


It’s soooooo true!