Political Humour




The big guy in blue has the same weapon? HOLY fuck, seriously? WTF!!!


Probably not the “same”. The point being is more about the professionals being handily able to kick the average Americans ass.

I mean, as the older generations last, the pool of veterans gets smaller and smaller.


I think were i lack the understanding is because Canada doesn’t have a military like the States does, i know of 2 people (both females) who served. I just dont see the need for them in Canada and i think Canada see’s it too because we have strict gun laws (something the U.S) could learn from. IMHO


Need for what? That wasn’t clear to me, semi-automatic weapons?


Weapons made strictly to kill people…

Ive shot alot of guns but only shot one “military” rifle that was automatic.


I shot a machine gun one time with the Sheriff’s Dept. I didn’t feel good or bad. I felt nothing. I figure it makes me normal.


I know the guys on this forum like their guns, i get it i really do… I wish i could own a few firearms and a handgun but honestly now its just a pain to get approved and to expensive. 60% of the reason for me not going hunting is because of the cost and my ex wife shit when she found out i had guns in the closet when she moved in. OMG that was a night. ( i still tear up thinking about my sold fire arms)

Hey maybe that the solution? make it so expensive to buy those retarded rifles the average JOE cant afford them.


So the rich get to have them or provide for their own private army.


Not the rich, the REALLY rich :stuck_out_tongue:

Like Oprah Winfrey rich lol


Oprah wishes she was Jeff Bezos rich. Oprah has more money than she can ever spend. And Jeff Bezos has 50x more.

Think about that. :open_mouth:


I’ve wondered about this…


No one will ever mistake Fox and Friends, for The Old Firing Line show on PBS.



The GOP outrage machine was in 4th gear with this non-scandal. They were only more outraged by Michelle’s shorts on vacation at the Grand Canyon and the Obama’s girls’ skirt lengths.








Uh wut?