Political Humour


I have to feel sorry for SHS just as I did for SS. hahaha


I don’t. They knew what they signed up for, n’est pas?


(Psst, it’s “n’est-ce pas” :wink: )

I don’t think Spicer knew what he was in for. Sarah did.


Right, I even looked it up and google was wrong. The nerve.

I took the first link that came up. I’ve forgotten most of the little bit I learned eons ago.





(It’s funny, cuz yanno Killary kills everyone)


Interesting how Brazile is making a 180 turn from when she gave Hillary debate questions last year.


She’s probably writing a book and needs her Q-rating to go up.


She’s written the book already. She’s as self-interested as anyone in the game.

Personally, I think Bernie got what he deserved. He wasn’t then and isn’t now a Democrat. He used the DNC for funding and to have a platform. He should have been swept aside. Boo hoo, run as an independent or a social-democrat, don’t be a phoney, Bernie.


What makes him not a Dem?


I hear what you’re saying, but it is currently next to impossible for a 3rd party candidate to get any kind of traction without the big machine of one half of the party or the other behind you. Bernie as a “3rd” party guy did a whole lot better than any 3rd party attempts before him. And yes he is an “Independent” but he caucuses with the D’s which make hims a de facto D. Since there isn’t an Independent Caucus.


Bernie. He has never joined the party. He’s not going to as far as I can tell either. Which is fine, he’s free to be what he wants. But don’t come crying to the voter about not being treated well.

If you come to squat on my property, i may not be all that nice about it either.


The onus is on him to make what he’s selling work. He’s as phoney as the other candidates in my book.


Didn’t he run as leader of the Dems?


He ran in the Democratic primar. What do you mean by leader of the Dems?


I thought he ran in the dem leadership race.


He ran in the Democratic primary as a candidate for the 2016 election. If that’s what you mean by “leadership race”, then yes, he ran and lost in the primary to nominate the candidate of the Democrats.