Political Humour




That’s just a little one.

Yesterday I put out some meat for the local murder of crows. I guess they didn’t come by but a pack of three HUGE raccoons did. I saw them last night when I was coming home. One looked like it might have rabies it wants to share so I’ve moved to the basement for the time being where there is no windows in case they get any ideas.


Raccoons are a menace.




The friendly people of Hawaii welcome are Potus pro tem to the Island.







Please, she’s ugly to the bone. Inside and out.


She’s just a woman doing her job.


I heard she lost a very dear friend at the Bowling Green Terrorist attack, too.


Lying to the American people isn’t a job, it’s a choice.


Apparently his ribs got busted.


Of course it’s a job, Spicer had it, Sarah Huckabee-Sanders has it, Kelly-Anne has it, it’s a job. It is also a choice whether to take the job.


It’s not the job of the Press Secretary to lie, they just do it.


It’s the job of the Press Secretary to be the Mouth of Sauron*, whoever Sauron is at the time, and if Sauron is a liar, it’s the job of the PS to mouth those lies.

(*Lord of the Rings reference)


I agree that it’s the PS job to represent the executive and put their best foot foward.

But outright lying, e.g., inauguration crowd size, or nonexistent terrorist attacks, and alternative facts is new.

There were decent PS like Bill Moyers was for LBJ.