Prison commissary jacks up lube prices by 5,000 %


…in anticipation of Pharma Bro’s arrival.


It’s kind of a bitter irony that his jacking up drug prices and shitting on sick people was okay, but now he’s going to jail for lying to rich white people.

Still, I’ll take what I can get in the way of vengeance.


According to the Alienist we all have Pharma Bro’s in us


I prefer to believe otherwise.


You cannot steal from the wealthy. THAT is a crime.

There’s a reason I didn’t really give two fucks about Madoff.


Well, yer prolly wrong - 99.99 percent chance

Just sayin


That’s the thing about “belief.” It ain’t fact-based nor subject to actuarial bullshit.

It’s okay in my case, but alarming as hell when trumptards do it.