Revoking Consent


In North Carolina thanks to a shitty state Supreme Court decision, once consent for sex is given it cannot be revoked and still be considered rape. This ruling has been used to dismiss more than one rape case in recent times.

I find the original ruling on this case to be absolutely disgusting and it’s painful to hear of legislators dragging their asses to change law to remove such heinous precedent.


In recent years the NC legislature has been populated by some really reactionary assholes.


But they can’t react on this?


Just finished reading this article and it made me sick to read it.


They ARE reacting…to 1934.


Seems they’re dragging their heels on making change.

Were these the transgender bathroom (state) assholes?


It’s North Carolina Starling - nuff sed




Is that when America was great?


I think that was in early Salem Mass. (Very early, nahmean?)




I don’t understand why rape laws aren’t the same across the board.


Some states are populated by people who like to fuck their cousins, sometimes when they are shockingly young.

Other states take a dim view of such carryings-on.


Here, it’s highly frowned upon but as long as it’s not your first cousin, it’s not illegal.


I wasn’t meaning to comment solely on the age of consent or on consanguinity statutes. Just as states vary on their degree of innate morality in such matters, so they also differ on matters of rape, homicide, etc.