Sick A Doodle Do


I’m sick and not in the good sexy way. I find whenever I get sick I get terrible nightmares. So far I’ve died three times and had Germans want to find me because I stole a car.

Does any weird shit happen to you when you get sick?


Can’t breathe…LOL


So no having Nazis over for thanksgiving along with your entire extended family or getting stuck in a tube and drowning? Just can’t breath.



On a serious note, I hope you feel better soon!


Hopefully I will. Wife is home sick as well. Hell I am barely sleeping much less dreaming…LOL


I was grateful my husband woke me up. I was about to get busted.

I’m sorry you are t sleeping kiebs.


Germans trying to find you??? :thinking: Were they driving a dump truck or a POS used ford?


Usually a sign of high stress. At least when I have those kind of dreams I am usually way in my head in a bad way.


They were driving around with my brother in his Jetta. Haha.


I usually only have nightmares when I’m sick or getting sick. It’s my illness tell.


Sigh…you and your dreams. I was doing fine sleeping until…
damn bear.


Bear? What bear?


The one I dreamed that was in the house. Then again, that could have been triggered by the ungodly snoring from my sick wife…


Oh I’m sure your wife is going to love hearing that in the morning LOL!

Damn bad dreams brought on by illness!


I never, and I mean never, say anything about her snoring. Learned that lesson a very long time ago.


I knew you were a smart man :smiley:


Its just when she is congested and sinus running it can be quite fearsome/distracting when trying to sleep or fall asleep…LOL


I’m sure @Zeek can relate.


I swear that’s in the rule book of "Things you do not say to your wife"
It’s right up there with, Are these pants to tight!!


How you feeling @kiebers? How’s your wife?