Sick A Doodle Do


Right now both of us are fair. Got a couple more hours of sleep but still need more. Fixing to have a late breakfast.


I hope you guys get back in bed and sleep the day away!


LOL she had a lot. Probably 14-16 hours. So unfair…LOLOLOL


Yeah well she wasn’t dreaming about a bear in the house hahahaha


Hrm…I thought I was getting better but today I’m feeling worse. Fucken hell.


Hopefully things will turn around for you. I am on the back side of it. Heading to see if I can fall asleep…LOL


I’m glad to hear it. Sleep well and watch for bears Haha


So much for that idea. I hate just laying there and not being able to fall asleep.


Sweet dreams!


I pop a melatonin and watch shitty YouTube videos like life hacks or nail art until I pass out.


I may have to look into the melatonin. Not sure what the deal is. I normally go to sleep within 10 mins of laying down. Ever since I had to wear that monitor it’s been that way. Psychological probably…LOL


Melatonin works like a hot damn.


Get to bed so you can feel better


I’m trying but my legs hurt tonight.


:frowning: hope you feel better soon


I recommend it. It works for me.

Also, you have to be off “blue light” for about an hour before you go to bed.


I’m still sick and tired as fuck. Now I have my mother in the hospital with pneumonia. My poor mama.


Liquids and sleep


My mom is now in ICU.

I’m scared shitless right now.


Oh no…