Sometimes you just wanna share


Ran across it this morning and realized that but decided I would forget so I better do it now. Short term memory don’t cha know…


Those fukkin Southern boys are still taking my ass to school. Some days they just have that spooky swamp mojo and there’s no getting past it.


Just free-associated my way from Talton to that yankee, LaMontagne.

(note to @Starling)…Jennifer Condos on bass, one of my BPILFs


Nice tune for sure. Sucks you right in.



(Early version with a light dusting of
Emmy Lou Harris)



Well I should probably be
Drug out to sea
I can’t hurt no one
And no one can hurt me
At least I’d be free
And probly I’d see
What caused me to be so detached completely

Jumpin’ rope
Through a thick cloud of smoke
Fumblin’ through all of the letters and notes
The ones that you wrote
Do they keep me afloat
Or just wrap around my throat like a noose on a rope
(Probably both)

So lay low
I won’t be back anytime soon
If it gets too lonely
I will follow you around in this tune

I don’t know what to do
What I’d do if I knew
But we go through our day
And get by and get through
But my heart is with you
You probably knew your love is like glue

So lay low
I won’t be back anytime soon
If it gets too lonely
I will follow you around in this tune

So lay low
Just for a little while more
If you can’t keep waiting
I will find my way back to your door

Or the uptown version…








Joscho is a freakin’ monster. Sometimes he overplays, but he can also be very tasteful and restrained. I will always watch a Joscho clip.


Little Esther…the Real Mezz.

This album, including the sidemen and the production, is so fukkin good it hurts to listen to it.


This could almost go into the “and now for something completely different” file…


He wasn’t a bad singer actually.

I think this is the best cover of all covers of a great tune. Buddy Buie on keys and J.R.Cobb on second guitar were founding members of the original Classics IV. But Barry Bailey’s lead guitar is beyond good. @Zeek


Guy wants to play epic guitar solos but his parents made him play piano. He does this with some equipment and an acoustic piano.


Not sure where to go from there…so…