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The one where Peter does a Classical mashup of David’s epic, Heroes. (Pretty fucking classy, if you axe me)




I detect a warped country theme here :sunglasses:

Did ya notice that Ayla person is like fifteen?


Yes, she is young but damn good. Still has some aging to do. Kinda like Carlos Santana, while always great, his stuff as he gets older has more and more soul in it. Be interesting to see what she does as she experiences more life.

I must have seen the Woodstock movie 10 or 15 times at the drive in in 70.


The guy is SO under-appreciated.


Iris DeMent is a national treasure, and her birthday was yesterday. She’s spent 57 years mining the Upper Delta for its heart, soul, wisdom and culture. And every day she goes back into that mine, which is deeper than most of us can imagine.

Her gospel music and her ballads are jewels, and her grace touches every project she takes up. It’s been over two decades since she worked with Haggard, but even that experience allowed her to write one of our best broadsides. It’s a different kind of song for her, but even more authentic and ballsy now than it was then. And like all her stuff, unshakably true and just.



I’m sorry Normus, I know you love this person, but her voice is creepy, warbly and horrible. Hearing her sing is like nails on a chalkboard. It hurts my ears and offends my heart.


Sorry that you can’t connect with her, Em. It’s an authentic style, but not accessible to just everyone. Go with what YOU love.


You make a good point, we love what we love. Honestly, reading that she was a “national treasure” sort of offended my ears.



Well, it’s an opinion and not necessarily a fact. She probably would poll better than TRump, but it wouldn’t be unanimous.


My backside would poll better than Trump for that matter. lol

My partner’s refrain to me was “But she has quite a wonderful ‘horrible’ voice”. He gets what I’m saying but says something about her plaintive “whine” as I call it, is haunting and beautiful to him too.


You may not know since you’re not from the Ozarks or the north Delta, but that is an intentional style which she executes to perfection. On slow stuff, she “spoons” every note precisely.

It’s a style just as much as the melismatic singing of early soul singers, which has sadly been corrupted by a subsequent generation or two of both black and white pop singers who haven’t a clue how to do it.



Get up offa that thing!

(For best results play loud)





Oh, the places you’ll go.